UniversityPhotoToday, American university campuses are global campuses with great cultural diversity. Business schools are enrolling record numbers of international students. In some schools, they can account for 80% of the full time student population.  This significantly impacts student readiness to learn, engage and find a job.  Similarly, these changes greatly impact advising and teaching.

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White Paper: Earlier Preparation a Must for International Student Success

Student Programs

Our student work has a dual focus. The first is to help students acculturate to living and studying in the US, overcoming the significant hurdle of adjustment in the first 6 months of arrival. The second is to aid graduates in the job search process, ensuring they have the self-awareness, personal presentation and interview skills needed to find a job.

Pre-Arrival Orientation Immersion Navigation Reinforcement
June-July July-August September-November February-April
The US Business School Experience A Successful Start: Understanding and Adapting to American Culture Effective US Networking for International Students StorySelling 2.0-Deep Dive
Job Search Success in the US StorySelling III: Building the Career Story Mastering the One-on-One Networking Conversation
StorySelling III: Building the Career Story StorySelling IV: Networking & Interviewing

Our Program Formats

 In-Person Lectures and Workshops

These programs involve a combination of teaching, modeling, exercises, and feedback. Programs are customizable based on your existing programs and student needs.

 Live Webinars

A webinar allows flexibility, as we can broadcast directly into a classroom, or to remote individuals at their own locations. Each live webinar is one hour long, including 10 minutes of interactive Q&A.

 Online Video Library

Our video library allows students to access your choice of videos online 24/7. This option is ideal for universities who would like to access the video content over a period of time. Many different packages are available based on number of students, number of videos, and length of subscription.