O. Fu

Judy’s networking book helps me a lot. As an international student, I rarely know how to network with Americans, and I don’t even know how to have a good chat with American to enhance friendship.... I went to a lot of Career Fairs and information sessions but none of them worked out. When I was so depressed and have no idea what I can do next, I met Judy and her team at AsiaMBA Career Conference. She mentioned that networking is the key process for job-seekers in America and is also hard for international students to do because of culture. I bought her book and spent one day on it, then I took actions into networking.

Judy’s book is very useful while I’m doing networking. All examples are understandable and easy to apply. The biggest difference between Judy's book from others is telling you what you should write to get an information interview and what you should say during the information interview. According I revised my pitch and create a whole new story embedded my skill set and interests. I put my story to invitation emails, and I got 9 replies within one week. I made phone calls with them to talk in about my career goals. Two of them told me that I could put their name into my cover letter as referral, and two of them met me in person. I got an interview one week after. I realized how useful the networking is! I wish this book can help more and more students in the future.

T. Liu

This book is very helpful for every international student who wants to get a job in the US. It opens a window to me on how Americans network and what benefit they get from networking. It also taught me how to network in an authentic American way step by step.