How to best utilize the Video Tutorial Library

A: The Video Tutorial Library is a collection of more than 40 videos that cover topics such as culture, academics, socializing, and networking.

The VTL is divided into modules, and we recommend that you start with the first module, “Introduction” and go through each in the order that they come. This will allow you to start with foundational information and build upon it as you progress.

By time of year:

There are recommended modules for you to watch as the year progresses:

  • July-Sept: Introduction, Essentials to American Culture, University Life in the U.S., Social and
    Job Search Skills, Marketing Yourself for Job Search Success, Career Resources for Job Search Success
  • Sept-Oct: Understanding American Small Talk, Engaging in American Small Talk in Various Situations, Understanding American Networking, Preparing for American Networking,
    Engaging in American Networking
  • Nov-May: review of the video modules above

By event type:

Prior to certain events you may want to refer back to the following modules in order to prepare:

  • Starting class: 3. University Life in the U.S.
  • Socializing: 4. Social and Job Search Skills, 7. Understanding American Small Talk,
    8. Engaging in American Small Talk in Various Situations
  • Networking: 5. Marketing Yourself for Job Search Success, 9. Understanding American Networking, 10. Preparing for American Networking, 11. Engaging in American Networking

To download a PFD of this tutorial click here.

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