Judy’s New Book!

New Online Networking Course

Group of Business People Working in the Office

  • 7 week online course for students with integrated online/offline curriculum
  • Designed to actively engage students in the networking process week-by-week
  • Incorporates highly-rated videos, Judy’s new book, How to Network Like an American, and worksheets

Success in the US Program

6 Steps to Job Search Success

As an international student, the challenges of adjusting to job searching in a new country can be significant. Our Six Steps to Job Search Success will provide you a roadmap designed to help you understand and navigate this new process. Learn more…

About Us

Dreambridge Partners is a leadership training and career development coaching firm, focused on advancement success for executives, professionals and graduate students in global corporate culture. Learn more…

Our Spring 2016 International Student Programs

Our new 2016 International Student Program Guide provides in-depth information about our step-by-step programs and how they precisely build international student readiness.