Job Search Process Culture Small Talk StorySelling Networking Interviewing

Job search success in the US is more than just having good grades and being smart. While this is important, here is an entire process that needs to be understood, with social etiquette that needs to be followed, and skills for the job search process that need to be mastered. The following pages will provide you with an overview of the necessary information you need. We begin with:

  1. Job Search Process: The job search process is quite different in the United States. Understanding the job search process is a must if you plan on working in the US.
  1. Culture: It’s critical that you learn about the culture of any place you live, in order to understand the local population and therefore interact most effectively
  1. Small Talk: This is a critical skill that will be helpful not only in social situations but also when networking and even during interviews
  1. StorySelling: Having a story about yourself and your career is a must when networking and interviewing. This is how we tie in passions and show proof of our abilities.
  1. Networking: 70% of jobs in the US are gained through networking. However, you can’t be effective in networking without first understanding the four steps before it.
  1. Interviewing: This is about making yourself standout as the best among many other candidates. What do you have to offer? This includes more than your skills and education.